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Saxophones Help me decide between Yamaha vs PMauriat!!

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fello friends, im writing this post from Argentina, this is my first time here.
Im writing this post because i cant make my mind on this issue.
I have a tenor yamaha yts 61 that works well, but aince i played and listened to one of the mauriats, the 66 rx, ive been impressed. Although im a big fan of ya,ahas ergonomics, y liked much more the 66 sound, less brighter, more deep and huge sound.
Im now deciding whether or not selling my yamaha and going for a 66 rx.
Any advice?
Thanks, and sorry for my english!!
As you might know, the yamaha 61 is among the best yamaha saxophones. Some say it is better than the 62 that followed. Both are brighter than the Mauriat.

I think the Mauriats ergonomics are good, so if you prefer the sound and like feel, sell the yamaha.
I'd also say go for the sound - but only after playing. Unless there's a serious poblem with the way the keys work for you on the best sounding horn, and the problem can't be adjusted out, no reason not to go for sound. It's why we play saxes...
I sold 2 yamaha 82 z custom tenors for mauriat 66r tenors and just sold my yam 61 tenor for my mauriat 60ns horns.I love yamaha,more than selmer but the mauriats for me are fatter,darker,more power and have that true huge tenor sound going on.Mauriats are the total real deal for me but each likes his,her own thing.
If your Yamaha 61 is playing well and also is in condition I would keep the YTS 61. Great horn. Some rocksaxplayers I'm listen to often are playing YAM 61. If you buy a 66rx try to keep your Yamaha 61 so you can compare the saxes before you sell the 61.

I am currently in the process of replacing my Yamaha (all be it a lower end one) with a PMXT-66RUL. I made that choice rather than moving up the Yamaha ladder based on the sound and type of music i like to play. I can't wait.
By the way what kind of music do you prefer to play Angelito?
You will love your 66rul,so much freaking power at hand and a huge fat core to the sound.Keep it out on it's stand to help the patina.You should also check out the mauriat Magnum neck on it also,turbo juice it up even more,scary combo.
Thanks for your comment, AlanB!! I like jazz, preferently blues jazz, bossa and ballads. I still cant get conneected to bebop and free jazz, i rather play and listen to melodys. Do you think a mauriat will keep up to my expectations on this kind of music?
Good luck!!
I have not yet had an opportunity to play a Mauriat but I have owned a YAS-61 since new (1975) and it is a magnificent sax. Here's something I'd suggest you think about, if you have not already. I use my Yamaha for playing earlier David Sanborn type jazz and balls to the walls rock and roll, Average White Band (pick up the peices) type stuff. It's also a great horn to cut through heavy ensembles such as big band orchestras while playing lead or doing solo work. My set up for the yamaha is generally a Dukoff D7, Brilhart level air number 6 and sometimes a Guardala, although it's a bit too closed for me on some situations. However...if a more complex tone colour and a broader depth of my overall sound is what I'm shooting for then my Mark VI or Ref 54 is what I play. I scale down the mouthpiece a bit on this set up by using a Hard Rubber Supper Sessions D or E facing and sometimes I'll use a New York Myer number 6. These work best for me to do what I want to do in smaller rooms and close quarters. (Pubs, studio, etc.) If I am to be outdoors where I can really blow without feeling I am being too obnoxious...it is not so much an issue which horn I play. I would suggest keeping your 61 to use for rock, big band jazz and the like and to go with a horn that has a reputation for producing a darker sound, such as an H Couf, SML, Keilworth, Selmer, etc. for the studio and small night club stuff. Owning both types of horns will give you more tools in the shed. The Mauriat may be just what you need to round out your axes. I find it's always a good idea to have a spare horn, just in case something goes wrong.
But you know what? If you try a new horn and you immediately feel you have been bitten by the love bug and you just have to have it...you should get that sucker!! A horn is a very personal thing. My favorite horn on the planet, and I am an old guy and I have played virtually hundreds of horns, is my Reference 54 alto. But... that's me! Other players might think my horn is terrible! What matters is how I feel when I play it and what my body can do to produce through that hunk of metal we call a saxophone. All I know is that my horn works best for me and I can do things playing my 54 that I cannot do when playing my Mark VI or my YAS-61. The Mauriat you are considering just might be the horn you were destined to play, just as I feel my 54 was made just for me.
It's a bit like falling in love....
When you know...
You just know!
Best of luck to you.
Yamaha any day - i own both a YTS61 and early YTS62, they sound better the older they get. i have also a Mauriat 86ul -build quality not as good - action a little awkward, especially low Bb and the left palm keys (maybe a set up issue), and very sensitive to temperature - the yamahas always win the day.

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