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Saxophones Help me decide between yamaha vs Mauriat!!


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Buenos Aires, Argentina
Hello folks, im from Argentina and this is my first post.
I have a tenor yamaha 61 that works fine, but recently i played and listened to a mauriat 66 rx and i loved it. Although am a fan of yamahas ergonomics, i was impressed by mauriats deep dark sound, (even though the 61 is one of the darkest yamahas, i still prefer a darker sound)
I need advice on whether selling my 61 and going for the 66rx, or staying with my old sax.
Any suggestions?
Thanks everyone, i love this forum!
(and sorry for my english)


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Sorry. i had already post it and i didint realize till it was late

I sold 2 yamaha Z Custom tenors for 2 66r mauriats,1 was the ul model and i sold my yamaha 61 tenor for my mauriat 60NS horns.I love yamahas but for that dark huge sound the mauriats win everytime.Ergonomics are amazing on the Z horns but lack body in there sound.No regrets and i think mauriat are the horn to beat,they have it all for me.

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