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I recently purchased a King Zephyr Alto Saxophone circa 1946-47. It had been overhauled about 5 years ago, and I took it in a few weeks ago for a cleaning, oiling and regulating. The tech is really good, the horn is in good shape, but the mouthpiece, Selmer Soloist C**, with a 2 1/2 VD V16 reed seems like I'm blowing through a straw (not very free blowing). I've played other Altos and realize that they blow a bit harder than my Cannonball Vintage Reborn w/a Soloist C*/VD V16 2 1/2. Can anyone recommend a more free blowing mouthpiece for this vintage horn? It has a great sound.
Hi, If you take a look under 'Saxophones & Accessories' (HN White King Zephyr) There's a thread from another member with the same Vintage Sax' It appears that the consensus of opinion is Brillhart personalines.
For my 30's Pan American Alto I was advised that a medium to large Chamber with not to high a baffle, for what that's worth.
I use Selmer C** mouthpieces with Rico Royal #2 reeds and find them very free blowing. Try a softer reed first.

Update: 3 mos later and a lot of hard work, and my search is over
Jody Jazz DVNY 6 with his custom ring ligature, Vandoren V16 2.5 or 3 reed (slightly adjusted with Ridenour's Universal Reed Adjustment System) for a dark Stan Getz style tone
Worth waiting for, it can take time to find the right set up :)

Now you can get down to some serious playing

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