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Beginner Sax Help choosing first sax: is Trevor James Revolution II a good option?


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I'd like to learn how to play alto saxophone and I need some advice on choosing a sax. I found the website and I like the option they provide of hiring the saxophone for a few months and buying it afterwards. They currently have 6 models available to hire, one is the AS290 and the other 5 are Trevor James (their website is

I was thinking about getting the TJ Revolution II, but I've read some bad reviews about it (especially about its construction and durability). Do you think it's a good starting sax or should I stay away from it? I've never learned how to play any musical instrument before; I want to learn how to play the sax because I love the sound of the instrument and I'd like to improve my musical ability. Also, I want to have a lot of fun! In particular, I'd like to have fun playing funky stuff (it was Maceo Parker who made me love the sax :))

BTW, which sort of setup do you recommend to beginners interested in funk?

Many thanks for reading,
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Hi, I have a TJ classic horn Alto and TJ Rev II Tenor and have progressed really well on them. I've had a couple of issues with leaks on the tenor but then I do play on average 2 hours a day so it gets a lot of use! :D
I have the TJ Rev II Soprano on recommendation from my tutor and it seems ok.

Hi and welcome to the cafe :)

Tj horns have a good reputation and the 'Revolution' is one of the better models, i would do as you say and hire it out at first and see how you get along with it.

Being your 1st horn i'm sure you will love it :)

Happy blowing
If you want to play Funk and are just starting sax then what you will need is a smaller chamber mouthpiece in order to produce a dynamic brighter sound - my recommendation FWIW is a Rico Royal C3 Alto mouthpiece - can be purchased from for a mere £13 inc. shipping No need to worry about that now but hiring a sax is agood idea to see whether you like it and you can delay any decision about a permanent purchase later on. Quite a few folks play a Trevor Jones sax and seem happy enough with them.

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I have had my TJ Classic Alto for 2 years now and it is still playing fine. The only thing I did was change the MPC early on as I was having problems with the standard one, I bought a Meyer which cost about £130 but you don't need to go that far, I am glad I bought it though :)

I've no doubt you'll be happy with the Rev II so good luck with the playing and learning!
Hi again,

many thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply to my post. After reading your positive feedback, I have finally decided to order a Trevor James Revolution II! I'm now waiting for the phone call to confirm the order.

@TomMapfumo: thanks for the advice on the mouthpiece, I will definitely try the one you suggested!

Hopefully, we'll keep in touch... :)

Glad to hear that you've taken the plunge, and hope that you really enjoy learning to play it. You'll have to let us know how it all goes. Do you have any favourite funk players that you like listening to? I quite like Maceo Parker amongst others.

Feel free to ask for any other help, advice or feedback about sax matters, and do keep in touch!
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