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Saxophones Help choosing a sax please

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Original thread: Breakfast Room Saxophone Discussion Forum

Here is the original text and some of the replies. What a great help you all were. Some of this info may need updating as I am sure the BW would feature highly now.

Original text:

Hi, first post and a question I guess that has been asked by many.

I'm looking to buy an alto sax and can have a budget of up to £750 if I need to. I'm no spring chicken and used to use an old Yamaha of a friend over 10 years ago (maybe for 12 months or so) but have not played since.

I'm looking for a good instrument that will hopefully last me some while and as it is a 'life-long' ambition to learn to play as well as I can I'm hoping to find a sax that will fit the bill.

But what should I buy? Do I need to spend that much for something good?

I like the look of the Hanson and Steve Goodson altos but can find no 'independant' well informed opinions on either. Are they worth considering?

I guess the safe bet is a Trevor James or Jupiter 700 series? Any advice is welcome. A few people have suggested that I 'try' some out but to be honest apart form the finish itself I don't believe I could spot a good one from a bad one.

I'm a serious photographer and generally buy gear second hand but I know what I am looking for. Not so with a sax and so I am nervous of buying second hand other than maybe from a dealer.

My short list (in no particular order):

Trevor James Revolution II
Keilwerth ST90
Earlham EAS 309
Steve Goodson Vespro
Steve Goodson LA Sax
Hanson SA-5 or SA-8
Sakkusu Alto

Thanks in advance.
Well, Ian, as one who used to live in Bletchley (for 22years), and used to have a Hanson (for 3), let me be the first to wish you and your SA-8 many years of happiness together :)
It's up for sale. I am playing tenor now and about to acquire a sop.

This was posted in response to Pete's request for old posts. You guys were instrumental (excuse the pun) in me choosing the SA-8.
Oh...all this Old/New post stuff is getting me confuzzed(not difficult at this hour) :)
I'd like to get a silver plated tenor one day when I upgrade, they look so much better to my eye.

And a very good way way of photographing the sax if up for sale, I'll remember that!
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