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Saxophones Help Buying Daughter Soprano Sax - Bauhas Walstein or Trevor James Revolution II ?


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In the Beginners Forum I posted some questions about buying Saxophones for my daughter who is currently Grade 5 with her Alto Sax. She is very keen for us to get her a Soprano sax .

Her Alto is a Trevor James ‘Horn’ Revolution II.

While she was at our local music shop she tried out the Soprano version of the Trevor James Revolution II and got on with it very well – suprisingly well for someone who has not played a Soprano before.

However from the replies to my previous post I notice that many people recommend the Bauhaus Walstein.

We don’t live near any of the Bauhaus Walstein dealers.

I would be really grateful for any thoughts on the following

a) Are the Trevor James Rev II and Bauhaus Walstein equivalent in sound or is one better than the other? The Trevor James looks to be around £200 more expensive.

b) How do you decide if Curved or Straight is the right type to buy?

c) If we do go ahead and order the Bauhas Walstein we will upgrade the mouthpiece and I have read Pete’s comments about using something like a Yahama 4c. Are there any other particular features we should bear in mind in deciding which actual version of the Soprano to buy.

It is obviously difficult buying when you cant try out and so any tips will be gratefully received.

Thanks for any help you can give.

If you are Pete Thomas you play a straight; if you are Jan Garbarek you will play a curved....:shocked:;}

Being serious most soprano players do not hear much difference between the two, but several say that the curved is more comfortable to play (easier with strap etc.) and gives more feedback through the curved bell, which can help intonation. Straight is more popular in classical/quartet playing as the bell points downward. The curved sop case is more compact and portable than the straight. I have had both and prefer the look, comfort and feedback from the curved.

Good Luck in your hunt! Obviously I would go with the BW out of the two options.
Kind regards
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Hi there

I've splashed out my own cash on a BW curved sop, and have played Trev James Rev II saxes before. I would rate the BW as better than the T James, and it's also a good bit cheaper. I wouldn't have and qualms about buying without seeing the sax from either Studio Saxophones or Wood Wind and Brass. Can't comment on the other two BW dealers.

Re straight or curved, part of the equation is how big and strong your daughter is. Although both these brands' straight modelas have both a cureved and straight crook, I feel that the weight of the sop is best supported on the sling with a curved one. I prefer curved myself. When I play my straight sop I don't use a sling (it's a vintage one and doesn't have a sling ring). Most kids would really struggle to do the same. Both the BW and T James sops are pretty heavy. Both come with mouthpieces which are, frankly, rubbish, so you'd need an upgrade for either.

So, personally I'd go for the BW curved - that's what I did myself. I much prefer it to my vintage Buesher True Tone soprano. Lot's of people think that's some sort of heresy, but I think the BW is just better to play.

Correction: both Jon and Jan Garbarek play a curved soprano sax. Sax Heaven in Oxford are good, but have a slightly eccentric owner....beware!:w00t:

Kind regards
When I first started playing the sax I heard about this Norwegian Sax player who used folk tunes in much of his writing. I couldn't initially remember whether his name was Jon or Jan Garbarek, but my sax teacher was able to solve the uncertainty. The rest is history............:w00t:;}
Had both the BW straight sop and the curved sop,for me the straight Bronze bw was much nicer,intonation was better by far,nicer sound to my ears but it's what suits you so try both,pound for pound there a cracking deal.
a) Are the Trevor James Rev II and Bauhaus Walstein equivalent in sound or is one better than the other? The Trevor James looks to be around £200 more expensive.

Sound is usually totally subjective, but if it was me I'd buy the bauhaus.
Brilliant Ligatures, as Pete might say.................

I don't get the ligature reference :confused:

...but I thought that was a great performance, I just wish they'd looked like they enjoyed it more, if I'd just done that I'd be very happy.
Apologies, Chris!

Some people are apparently skeptical of the effect ligatures have on the overall sound of a saxophone.....
I agree with your comments - looked as if they were concentrating so much that they were unable to visibly
indicate any enjoyment they might have been experiencing - which I can understand......

Kind regards
I still think ligs make a big difference,more so on response than sound.I have 3 different pressure plates i got with my Theo Wannes and the differencecan be heard and felt.If you go from a Rovner dark lig then throw on a standard 2 screw metal lig the sound is way more free and instant,bright to my ears.Check out the rico H ligs,they open up your sound,blowing by a mile.
Thank you for all the views and tips -

We are going to go with the Bauhaus Walstein and a Straight one mainly because my daughter thinks they look more the part - although I think the curved ones look great too especially when you see the youngsters playing them as per the You Tube video from Justin.

Could anyonerecommend any good Soprano solo music books for around grade 5/6 - does any include the music for Gabriel's Oboe ?

Cheers Johnny
Hi Johnny!

Glad you've chosen a great instrument, and hope it really works out! Music wise most Soprano sax music will be Bb music books for tenor sax and clarinet.
Musicroom have some suitable tomes - I'll have a search for Gabriel's Oboe when I have a moment, but do look under both Tenor Sax and Clarinet for appropriate music.

Kind regards
Hi Johnny!

There is a score for Clarinet and Piano of Gabriel's Oboe (Ennio Morricone) on Golden River Music. Google in Golden River Music and go to the website. The score is the 8th item in the list of sheet music. Only one I have found so far.

Kind regards
Good comments from Tom, but be careful with clarinet arrangements - a lot is scored too low for sax.
Hi guys,

I want a curved soprano and have a choice of Bauhaus Walstein Curved Soprano A1 improved or the Trevor James Revolution ii Curved Soprano just like the original post.

I notice this thread is from 7 years ago. Would you guys still recommend a B.W over a T.J Rev ii?

Are the B.W as good quality or better than 7 years ago?
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