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Hello everyone. I'm a newish player and the instrument fascinates me. I used to play trumpet but I became bored by it. Hope to keep in touch.


Hi there, and welcome.
Or at least you will be unless you tell TomMapfumo you're bored with brass!


Fraser Jarvis

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Hi Woolyhead, i to used to play the Trumpet....over 30 years ago that is, i cant think for the life of me why i packed it up though!

Sweet Dreamer

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I fully understand your boredom with the trumpet. It's a really boring instrument and trumpet players are boring people. It for people who can't count higher than three. Thus it only has three buttons.

Just kidding! :)))

I have a pocket trumpet that I bought about a year ago or so. When I first started with it I thought that it was going to be impossible to play. Of course part of that is because it's a really cheap instrument, plus they say that pocket trumpets are a lot more difficult to play than the standard size trumpet.

Anyway, I kept going back to it off and on, learning a few more pieces every time. I just got it out today after not having played it in a while and I'm truly amazed at how well I'm doing with it now. Far better than I remember. I'm actually making noise that sounds remarkably like "music" dare I say.

But I do see your point when comparing a trumpet to a sax. The sax is by far the more interesting instrument if only because of the multitude of buttons and levers to push. I'm really enjoying learning the different ways that a single note can be played on the sax. It makes it really nice to be able to chose fingerings that flow more smoothly.

Dare I suggest also that the sax embouchure is a bit easier for me to deal with. If only because I can play a far wider range of notes on the sax right off the bat. With the trumpet increasing my range was a major undertaking and continues to be so for the higher octaves.

Having said all of the above I can't truly say that I play either instrument. I'm just playing around with them. But I'm making progress.

Welcome to the sax cafe. :sax:


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Welcome. Trumpet is really cool, if only because you can play it using only one hand. Just think of the things you could do with the other - hold a fag, or a, that's probably about it.


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Hey Hey Woolyhead ... [Great Name] ... ;}

Good to see you here mate ...

I am from Norfolk in the UK ... A total n00b to Music and the Saxophone ... :w00t:

I started around June time this year ...

Great init ...


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Big welcome fom me too. I much prefer teh sound of a sax to the trumpet. Or any of the other brass instruments (with the possible excepion of the french horn). Have fun, shout loud and play louder!

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Welcome to the caff, Woolyhead.

It is possible to play a trumpet and a flügelhorn at the same time.

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