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Hello! I am a 68 year old male from Norway trying to tame my Yamaha alt saxophone for almost a year, still trying to get good tone, but my ultimate goal is to learn improvising.


I don't need another mouthpiece; but . . .
Bristol, UK

I think the search for a good tome is a lifelong quest for most of us.


Hi Aesculap and welcome to the café!

This has nothing to do with the café or sax playing but I'd like to mention it as a personal note anyway.

Way back in 1975-1976 I had a girlfriend who studied Norwegian and lived there for a year. I visited her every so often and made a few Norwegian friends who I kept in touch with. Although the girlfriend relationship broke up, my Norwegian friends invited me over for the Molde Jazz Festival in 1978 which they helped to organise. For me, this was a 'soul-changing' experience! Musically - I remember watching/listening to the first Pat Metheny group in a small cafe in the front seats. As a (then) guitarist it just blew me away! Not only the guitar - I'd never imagined that "jazz" could sound so fresh, so modern, so cool. I had no idea who Pat Metheny (or Lyle Mays) was but their music really did awaken me to the the idea that jazz could me modern and exciting. Carla Bley was there too.

And yes, there were - during the festival - women I met who seemed to have a much freer outlook on life than I was used to in the UK. One of them came to stay with me in London for 2 weeks. We had a great time together! I went sailing on the Fjords and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Norway. To me - at the time - it seemed a magical country.

So in 1978 I really wanted to get a job in Norway and live there for a year or two. I had a couple of interviews but - as a foreigner - I didn't quite have enough experience to get the job (which a Norwegian could also get). So I eventually opted for a job in the Netherlands - for a year or two - and ended up staying 40+ years. I sometimes wonder how my life might have been different if I'd persevered with living in Norway rather than accepting the Netherlands as 2nd choice. But I have no regrets about settling in NL!
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