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Hi all

Just following etiquette and introducing myself - predictably, my name is Andy. Im 26, and a peripatetic primary school piano/keyboard teacher, that also occasionally picks up and plays my 15 year old Trevor James alto. Learnt at school, scraped through all the grades, and though my technique has slipped somewhat, my theory has improved a lot (through playing the piano)

Recently, but sadly, come into some money, and have always wanted a tenor, so its now or never. Its probably going to be a Mauriat, but until I go down to the biggest sax store in the world, :) I cant say for sure.

I live just north of Peterborough, and as soon as I know my new horn, really want to join a big band / swing band - so if anybody could point me in a local-ish direction, Id appreciate it. :)

Seems like a friendly forum, so looking forward to getting to know the community!


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Can't have this Andy. Music teacher who wants to play the Devil's music. Unfair on the toddlers.

Welcome to the caff and show the young 'uns the glory of the lot, from Goodman to Kenton and beyond.


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what is unfair is 30 hours of 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star' every week. "Use your fingers, not your palms..."

Not too much to ask is it?!? Still, wouldnt change it for the world. :)

Also, forgot to mention I play keys/manage a local 9pc Soul & Motown band - just for fun, and experience of trying to MD :)

(we REALLY need to record some new demos - they were done 3 drummers ago, and we are slowly getting tighter!!! :w00t: - also, I did the site - please dont judge - web design is tricky!!!)

If anybody knows a trumpet player who lives in South Lincolnshire, willing to rehearse, and play for 1/10 of very little money, get in touch!!!

Also, I am a keys player for PX Productions (

which is a bit more serious (ie - pays better :) ) - in fact Im gigging with them,under the guise of The Quantum Project, tonight in Halifax - fingers crossed the roads are navigatable. It looks pretty white outside.


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Hi Andy welcome to the cafe from another OLD new boy the mauriat sounds great very individual saxes and high end I think they are well regarded in the trade good luck John

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Hi Andy. Welcome.
Yes, a nice forum. All sorts of expertise and things discussed as well as a wealth of sax information.

I started on a 15 year old TJ alto as well, left from when my younger son gave it up after on leaving school, and graduated to a Mauriat (60th b'day presy) alto a year ago. I chose it after trying several different makes because I liked the look, feel and sound of it. Others who have tried it have said how nice it sounds as well. Personal choice, but I love it!



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Welcome to the cafe Andy, I think you've passed the "I can read music test" so all you've got to do now is to choose the right sax and learn how to blow the n*ts out of it! ;}


Hi Andy, welcome to the forum. I play a Mauriat PMXT 66 unlaquered tenor. Can't recommend one enough. Great sax. Good luck with yr search for new players.Phil


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Hi Andy and welcome to the caff. This is areally great forum -you'll be glad you joined. Enjoy!
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