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Hello to all, my name Mart Gloudemans,


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I am 63 years old, playing guitar and singing in a band since my 18th year, still doing this in our band: Lack of Time, ( which shows exactly the shape we are in.
Play maybe 4 times a year, and having fun, and people having fun. As that is what musing making is all about.
Inspired by a good friend playing the Tenor sax, and sometime joining our band, I decided to give it a try my self. Bought myself a Tenor Sax in January and already able to have some reasonable noise coming out ;-) Try to find my way on the web with tips and tricks and also got in-spired by the video found on Youtube from Pete. Pity it is on a Altosax but for finger setting the same. Recently received a new knee, which makes it possible for me to play every day 1 hour on the Sax, and it is really improving.
I am interested especially in On line Tutorials, Play alongs etc. also want to learn more about mouthpieces and what this can do to your sound.

My compliments to Pete and his teaching inspiration, and to your website and forum.


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Welcome.......why not just ask your good friend for teacher recommendations ?

Online tutorials are great and especially useful for people who may live in a place where they do not have access to a teacher...but....nothing really beats a one-on-one, personal lesson session.

Cool that your band has an accordion player....


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Welcome Mart!

I lived in NL for a few years, almost 30 years ago...

Lost contact with my colleagues there sadly. Although one died and most of the others must be retired by now. Rien among others must be enjoying playing in his Neil Young tribute band when not on his boat...
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