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Hello! Getting back into it :)


New Member
Hello everybody!

I decided to get back into playing the saxophone after a 13 year hiatus. I was focused on college and military service during that time. I've played alto for two years in middle school then transitioned to the tenor sax in high school for 1 year, which includes jazz band and marching band.

Now, I own a Selmer Prelude Alto sax and obtained my late granddad's Conn 10M "Naked Lady" sax. I am focused on the alto right now to practice on in hopes of getting into a band and having fun with this!

I look forward to meeting you all and gaining valuable skills and resources!


New Member
A warm welcome from me in a cold Minnesota day here (7 degree's F/-14C)! Awesome you are back into playing the sax! Beyond awesome you have your grandfather's Sax too!

I also joined a band myself (my hometown community band)! They are great to be a part of, and they did not care if a person was just getting back into playing, or has been playing forever. I certainly hope you can find a band to get into, it is a TON of fun!