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Hello from Vale!

New Member Introduction
This is an introduction (not an ad or question about saxophone)


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Rotterdam, NY
Hello All,

I played guitar in my early years but haven't played it much in recent years. About 2 years ago, I started playing chromatic harmonica. Love the tiny instrument, the sound and portability. I will continue working on it and trying to get better, but recently I found in mybasement the old Selmer Bundy II, which I had bought many years ago. I had taken a few lessons in 2000, but never continued due to other life events, despite the love for the instrument. I am looking forward to restarting and working on some jazz saxophone in the future. I am looking forward to interacting with you all.
Welcome to the Café.

Make sure your sax is in good shape. It helps moving forward without having to jump hurdles you didn't know were there and made you trip over... ;)
Welcome to the café, looking forward to hearing more from you:)

Welcome to the cafe. How lucky to have a sax just laying around. look forward to hearing more from you
Welcome to the café.

Your Selmer Bundy II alto is a good instrument. I use it in venues where I don't want to use my better sax, like inclimate street musician weather, say Christmas bell ringing for the Salvation Army, also as a backup when other horn is in repair.

Looking forward to your experiences with your alto. It's like riding a bicycle, in short time you'll be back where you were before, and improving as you continue.
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