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Rico Vandoren

St.Helens, Merseyside. UK.
Hi, I'm Tony. Bought myself an alto for my 40th birthday ( cheaper than a sports car ) and have been playing nine years. Bought my first tenor a month ago and I'm having great fun with it.
This site is a great resource- I'd never heard of Illinois Jacquet or Earl Bostic, but read about them on here and managed to find their work on Spotify. I'm not a jazz buff but I've heard of most of the great tenor men ( Getz, Coltrane,Webster, Rollins, Dexter Gordon etc. ) can anyone recommend any less well known players that I may enjoy?
Thanks all- Happy New Year!

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Hi Tony, welcome.
Rico - Vandoren? make up your mind! You'll find lots of good advice and gentle humour here.

A few of us on here are partial to Houston Person, in the Lester Young, Zoot Sims, Getz vein.

old git

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Welcome again Tony.
You teenagers no nuffink. Every one nos Earl Bostik is a make of glue.

Well that's the humour over, if that's not over egging it. Try the two Franks, Wess and Foster of the Basie Band 'Atomic' period and Sam 'The Man' Butera of the Louis Prima outfit. Also listen to the sublime Paul Desmond on alto.
Ask, inform but mainly ENJOY the caff.


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Hi Tony, the cafe is definitely the place to be for good information, bad jokes and ugly noises. I hope you enjoy your tenor and don't neglect your alto. ;}
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