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Hello from Northern California

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This is an introduction (not an ad or question about saxophone)


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USA, California

My name is Evan and for 3 months I have been practicing tenor saxophone. I am an adult beginner who takes weekly lessons (1 hour) and practices anywhere from 45m to 2 hrs a day. I have been playing a Yamaha student tenor horn (YTS-23) for 1 week, and before that I was renting a YTS200-ADII from a local music shop. I don't play any other instruments and am learning to read music with my teacher. I have enjoyed this new hobby and am glad to be a part of this saxophone community.

If anyone is interested in watching a 5 minute video of how I am sounding at 3 months I've attached a Youtube video below. I have made weekly videos since the day I began.

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Welcome to the cafe from Ohio!
I admire your posting a video at the three month mark! I think that everyone here would say you are doing the right thing by taking lessons and having a practice schedule going. Looking forward to hearing more from you!
Yep great admiration to you for posting after such a short time. At 3 months in I was still/am working on scales and arpeggios. I really don't want to rain on your parade in any way and appreciate it's a brave thing to do to post so soon and I guess you may be a little nervous but when you breath your shoulders are coming up suggesting you are not breathing from the belly. Maybe have a word with your tutor see what they think. More than happy to be told to butt out, just an observation that might make your sound feel more sustained.
Only three months? a wow, you are doing fantastic!!! What a great sound you are making
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