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Hello from North Yorkshire (Tadcaster)

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This is an introduction (not an ad or question about saxophone)


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I'm a newbie to the TTS site & Cafe... what a find - It's brillmo!

I started playing sax at school many years ago & thoroughly enjoyed playing with concert bands & dance bands & then Sax quartet, but strictly in an amateurish way. I had to stop playing for a number of years due to dislocating joints but in recent years I've picked it up again & love playing with backing tracks (but just for me). I've recently decided to make more of it & get better so I joined Snakademy with Snake Davis which is excellent & has already taught me lots. It's made me go back to the foundations of my playing to get better tonality as I've realised that the teachers at school clearly didn't have time to teach us the strong foundations. Lessons were so short we wouldn't have had time to play any tunes if we'd have been doing long tones / over tones etc :).

I still have my beloved original tenor, a 1938 Selmer that got me started back in the 80s. I currently play my Yanagisawa T992 Tenor, Yanagisawa SC990 Curved Sop & G4M Alto & love em (saving for a Yani alto)!! I also have a back up Elkhart straight sop & also a Yanagisawa SN981 Sopranino. Currently experimenting with mouthpiece & reed set up at the mo.

Looking forward to enjoying the Cafe & talking to other sax players.

Cheers - Morty


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Surrey, UK
Welcome to the Caff. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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