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Hello from Kent


New Member
Hi everyone.

I am a total newbie to the alto sax, having just been given (yes!) one by my aunt who can't play any more. I play clarinet and piano and I'm not yet used to the pitch that comes out of this wonderful instrument! I run www.music-scores.com, a site for classical sheetmusic downloads and try to do as much playing as life allows.

I have a technical question about recorking the neck, which I will put in the technical thread...

Young Col

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Hi Musicanne. Welcome from the London/Surrey border. It's great fun here and hugely informative.
Your site looks a useful resource.


Busking Oracle
Hi Musicanne, welcome to the caff. As Col has pointed out this is a great site and very informative. Your website looks very good but as a non reader it's way over my head, but I feel sure others on here will find it very very useful. Good luck with the new sax, I'm sure with your clarinet experience you'll be making her sing again soon! ;}

Richard Perks

Welcome from sunny British Columbia from another (mainly clarinet player) or whatever. You will enjoy this site. Visited yours and certainly had a good look at the music..
See you

old git

Tremendous Bore
Anne, or is it Music?
Welcome to the Caff. You said you ran a classical music site, well Count Basie is classic.
Depending where in Kent you are, the border can be reached within fifteen minutes from here in Croydon, but Young Griff is in Jonnie Myall's most Thursday and makes a lovely job of everything wood and brass wind. He sometimes plays classical music too.

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