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My name is John Tyler. I've only been playing sax for a few years, but I've taken to it rather fast. Mainly, I play alto sax (which I believe is a Conn 1929 Elkhart), but I also play tenor and berry. I've been experimenting with a tenor recently. I know altissimo up to a high D, but I can only do this well on the alto.

I've started writing articles about music. As of right now, I only have one:, but I'm working on another one (about reading music) right now. After I've done that one (and maybe another one), I'll get into more advanced techniques (such as altissimo).
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Hi John

Welcome to the cafe I hope you enjoy being here, I think your article will be very helpful for beginners,but in your list of requirements you list reeds as being 2 or 2.5 and I feel you should advise 1.5 and 2,as from my own experience as a beginner I know I found it difficult to move up from 1.5 to 2 and would of found it almost impossible to do anything at all with 2 when I first started learning.That said it was a good read....all the best.... john


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Have I met barry and has he heard of the Rico Graftonite B5 mouthpiece..........?

Whatever, greetings John from the Skabertawe Horn Section down by yer in Wales - lovely, mind....tidy place!
Kind regards
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