Hello from Japan everyone!

Sasebo, Japan
Hi all. My name is Justin, an American living in Japan currently. I started playing alto sax in my elementary school band and continued to play through high school and my short stay at college. In high school, I picked up the Bari sax and continued to play alto in the jazz band. Now, this was over two decades ago, but it sparked a lifelong obsession with the saxophone. After dropping out of college and joining the military, I did not end up continuing to play regularly. I have played off and on (probably more off then on) over the last 20 years, but am currently saxophoneless as I regrettably left my alto in storage as I came to Japan in 2012. So, maybe it's a midlife crisis or I just want to re-live my "glory days", I have been looking at getting another sax and continuing this journey because I feel like it's something that I need to do. The alto sounds great, but I've always had an obsession with the tenor but only had the opportunity to play one a few times. So I've been looking around Japan at the various music stores and second-hand stores for a tenor sax. I hope to find one soon. Probably a Yanigasawa because with the yen rate at 113 to the dollar, I'll more than likely save a few hundred on it buying it in Japan. Anyway, nice to meet you all!


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Welcome to the cafe brewdawg77, like Jeanette says, your in a great place if your looking to buy a sax. It'd be interesting to know what you end up buying and how much it costs you.


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Welcome to the Café.
I guess there should be a good supply of second-hand Japanese tenor saxes for you in Japan.
With any luck you will be able to make us all envious by telling us how little you paid.


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Hi Justin and welcome to the café, from so far away!

As it happens, my wife's going to Japan next week with some friends. She's really excited.


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Hi Justin
Your story and mine are similar except I never served in the military. (Thank you for your service!) Just curious--it sounds as though you still have the sax that you played in your school days? Which one did you play? Did you find a good buy in Japan yet? Good to have you aboard.
My son spent 10 days in Tokyo, loved it!
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