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Hello from Germany

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This is an introduction (not an ad or question about saxophone)


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Hi all,

I picked up the flute three years ago, but dug out my old saxes during the pandemic (when there was a lot of time for those things). One thing led to another, I sold off my two old and repair-worthy horns (a Yamaha student alto and a Korean Tenor), used the funds to buy an overhauled Buescher True Tone Tenor and am now practicing as much as I can (which is only two times a week, but there's still some foundational knowledge and skill left from 8 years of lessons two decades ago). It's been great fun and I was already able to contribute to some recordings of friends and see a stage or two. Of course, my abilities are nowhere near what I want, but I guess that's the normal state. ;)

Anyways, just wanted to say hi!

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