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Hello from France

New Member Introduction
This is an introduction (not an ad or question about saxophone)


New Member

I just joined this forum so here is a little description of me.

I am a 34 years old saxophone player. I learned saxophone in my childhood, and kept playing most of the time (with a few years break here and then, depending on the time left by my medical studies and now job).

I have read a lot of topics of this forum, and I want to thank you all for that.

I have decided to become a member to be able to ask for advices for my playing, and to try to help a few people if possible by answering their problems. I'm not a saxophone teacher tho !

Thank you by advance


Tenor Viol

Full of frets in North Shropshire
Good morning - welcome. Normally at this time of year I'd be in France skiing - last year it was Monêtier-les-bains (Serre Chevalier).

Veggie Dave

Sax Worker
Salut Jean-Marie. :sax:

It's like watching Lupin or Engrenages all over again!

I haven't seen Lupin yet (Lupin - Netflix) but Omar Sy always seems to be perfect.

Engrenages is a Canal+/BBC co-production called Spiral outside of France for anyone wondering. Bizarrely not that popular in France but a massive hit in the rest of the world. Highly recommended, but be warned ... it's not the Paris of Amélie Poulain or Emily In Paris. ;)
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