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Good day eh,

I apologise in advance for my english typo's,

i'm a French Canadian from the province of Quebec. 46 year old (Damn where has time gone !?!?), married, 3 kids (14, 18, 23) all still at home if you can believe that (bunch of slackers ;-)).

There's no sax teacher around my area I'm gonna have to self-teach myself. Since i'm not sure this is gonna turn out that great I purchased a reasonably OK (wouldn't use the word 'good') student sax and didn't go 'all broke' on it.

It doesn't have fancy make name like most people I see here, it's a cheapy Dixon brand. Had the guy and a friend play-it and it sounded fine enough for the 1st two years or so. If I get good enough that I outgrow-it, well, there's always time to get another. The only thing we changed is I got a better mouth piece.

We tried many sax under the $850 range (that's what... about 475 GBP for you guys in the UK, give or take a few) Anyway, when they played-it with the new mouth piece, it sounded plenty fine to me and (according to my buddy) that particular model is mecanicaly sound. Ok-doo-k, one dixon purchased (Hey, what do I know).

So there you go.

I've played the flute when I was younger and I got a good musical ear so i'm already 'tooting' some lowbie tune (Ex: All of me). I play a lot be ear but I can read (decrypt is more like it) sheet music.

I'm working on re-learning to scales and producing a good tone. As it is, I don't squak and can produce a reasonable (if someone flat) sound for a good 30 minutes. I play all note accross the instrument except that last base key and the 1st two high key's. Can't seem to get those half the time.

My greatest hurdle has been the lack of playing buddies. I'm gonna get some play along CD/DVD this weekend, that will probably help.

So there's me, looks like a nice place here, hope to be here a while.

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Hi Jeepmammoth, welcome. Pete will have to get new door hinges if people keep coming in at this rate.

You should worry - my sons are (nearly)31 and 28 and still at home with no chance of moving out until their business makes a lot of money!

Don't worry about the very low or the very high notes. They come with practice.

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Hi Jeep, and welcome to the cafe. It takes time and some skill to get all of the notes on the sax. Get yourself an elementary tutor book with a CD to get started. Have fun and ask away.


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Welcome Jeep. Thought all French Canadians played Quebecois on single row melodeons. ;}


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Hi and welcome. I did flute as a kid also and kind of self-taught myself on tenor 30-odd years later, but with no web sites or even written material - but I don't have the excuse of being a zillion miles away from civilisation.:)

And I am rubbish - but love playing and get a real buzz from pretending that I am getting better. Good on you and good luck.


Bonjour Jeepmammouth ~ are you far from Sutton, QC?

I can relate to the older "slackers".... our 25 year old just moved to NYC - but the other three (23, 17 and 6) will be here a while.

Welcome to the Cafe, this is a fantastic resource for every level of saxophonist.
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Hi: Great to have another canadienne eh!!! Welcome from Vancouver Island even farther from the civilized world!!:mrcool


hey, I got family around there. My uncle lives on one of those house boats and one of the small surrounding bay's. His wife teaches kids using the boat bus

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