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Saxophones Hello everyone,need some help.


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Let me first introduce myself before i start asking.

Im 17 years old,i live in Serbia and im playing clarinet for like 7 years.(going to music high school)
I decided to get a saxophone (alto) because i think i should start playing it and i like it.

Today my teacher brought one new no name sax. i tried it and i liked it,teacher played everything on it infront of me and said it can play everything and he payed 600eu for it but the price now is 400eu.

I see its new,i trust my teacher because i know him for a long time and he wouldnt lie to me,he said i can go buy any sax anywhere but he is giving me the choice of saxs that he has.

so to cut the story, he has one used Amati for 200euros and No Name new for 400eu.
Tried no name and liked it but is it better if i get used amati for 200 euros?

My main instrument is clarinet (i have buffet crampon e11) but i want to buy saxophone to start playing it and some jazz,maybe ill get it more serious later n then ill buy a great sax but for now i just want something i can play and that can normally play everything that sax is supposed to.

Thanks in advance.

P.S. its about Alto sax.


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You'll fit in well here with a name like that ;}

The Amati will probably stay about the same price that's beign asked now. The no-name will probably drop by 50% or more when you come to sell it.

That said, it's your choice. If you like the sound of the no-name, and it plays well, and you think the price is OK, go for it, but with your eyes open.


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Hi MadHouseS, welcome to the site.

Re the purchase of the Sax, Kev has pretty much said it all, I would just add that if your teacher put his no name sax on Ebay, I would say he would be very unlikely to sell it for €400. That comment comes purely from looking at the price of Saxophones from a UK perspective.


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400 eur for a no-name sax sounds a bit much, especially since you probably won't have a full warranty (if you get a warranty, then it's pretty OK). Example: this basic G4M sax (I have the equivalent tenor, others on this forum own G4M saxes too) costs around 270 euros + shipping, and it carries a 1-year-warranty, and in addition to that if it goes defective in the first 6 months, G4M will arrange a courier to pick it up and bring it back to you at no cost. After 6 months you have to post it to them yourself.

My tenor developed a fault, and it was really a no-hassle deal: contacted them via email, they responded immediately and arranged a courier to pick the horn up in a few days. They could not repair it within 30 days, so they sent me a new one via courier.


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Zdravo MadHouseS

I agree with the other posts. There are other options for less than 400 euros, around. New or used.

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