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Hello again


Hello again all. I haven't been around here in ages and was reminded by a) an email saying someone had replied to an old thread, and b) my boss has included Mel and Kim's 'Rockin' around the Christmas' tree (you know the one, where a certain sax player does a really cool break in the middle) in the office playlist.

Done a few things since I was last here. Bucked up the courage to play a couple of solos at band concerts (after how many years' playing?). Changed jobs ... and am now learning to sing!!! I haven't sung properly since I was a teenager because I thought I couldn't, but turns out I have an OK voice and I'm taking my grade 4 in March. So if anyone out there thinks they're too old or too unmusical to play any instrument - think again and go for it, because, as the song goes, you may well be into something good! :veryhappy:


Busking Oracle
Welcome back Red Bottom. Wow, you've got some catching up to do ;} glad you found your way home. Well done on the new job and keep up the yodeling!
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