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Mouthpieces Heads up - bargain Java

Back up to £109, only one left more stock arriving !
Aha! Somebody got one. This happens with Amazon. They go down to a really low price until someone buys one and they go up again. However, if someone buys the last two together, they honour the low price for both. I bought two Otto Link Tone Edge for soprano from Amazon a while ago, at £29 each!
Looks very like a Rico metalite which is a lot cheaper

Having gone from a Metalite to a Jumbo, I can say that while they may look similar, they sound remarkably different. In comparison to the Jumbo, the Metalite is fairly toneless, with a muted sound. The value for money of the Rico is undeniable, and I'm glad I changed my Yamaha 6C for one, but having now played a number of more expensive mouthpieces, the Rico does not allow the saxophone to sing.
They'll probably fall back down again at some point. You get lots of weird Amazon pricing on Vandoren and Otto Link mouthpieces.

Re the Metalite and Jumbo Java, I like both. I prefer the Jumbo Java, as I find it to be more flexible, and it's also finished more nicely, not so odd looking and less cumbersome in the gob. As ever, there's the law of diminishing marginal returns. At full price the JJ is more than five times the cost of the Metalite, and it's not five times as good. For me, it's just a bit better. I've played metalites on soprano, alto, C mel, tenor and baritone. On none of these have they been my absolute favourite mouthpiece, but on all of them they've been good, and if I was hard up they'd be absolutely fine.
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