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Head Arrangements


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salisbury wilts
I would like my big band to loosen up a bit and try playing head arrangements a la the early Basie band. Has anyone got a few written out "heads" preferably for 5 saxes four trpts and 4 'bones. I would be grateful for any help
May be able to assist if you could be more specific?...

For anyone else like me that didn't understand this request, here is a quote from Wiki:

Hits such as "One O'clock Jump" and "Jumpin' at the Woodside" (from 1937 and 1938 respectively) helped to gain the band, now known as the Count Basie Orchestra, national and international fame. These tunes were what was known as 'head-arrangements'; not scored in individual parts but made up of riffs memorised by the band's members. Although some of the band's players, such as trombonist Eddie Durham, did contribute their own written arrangements at this time, it was these 'head-arrangements' that captured the imagination of the audience in New York and communicated the spirit of the band's members
I'm sorry if I did not make myself clear, I would like written "head arrangements" ie the melody line and harmony for the Basie (and others) bands tunes like Swinging the Blues , The Hucklebuck, Symphony Syd etc transposed for bflat and e flat and bass clef that the younger guys have'nt heard of, thanks Bob

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