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Having a major clearout - various items for sale

John E

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Hi All,

Its that tax bill time of I am having a massive clear out of several saxes and some sax related bits. 5% will go to Pete’s Charity. I will be putting this stuff up on e bay at some point soon, but I thought I’d give Cafe Saxophone a try first.

I live in East London, and am very happy for visitors to come and try out/inspect. I can also send photos if you want. Shipping will be at cost via whatever method is agreed with the buyer.

All of the horns have been professionally set up and serviced by Stephen Howard with in the last 1-2 years and have not been heavily used and abused since – so they are all ready to go, no leaks, nice action etc. without any further investment (unlike virtually everything I’ve ever bought off e-bay…but that’s another story). These are all good intermediate/pro level saxes for a fair price (I think) so tuck in….PM please if interested.

Yanagisawa S901 Soprano.

Straight, 1piece soprano. Circa 2007, some lacquer wear on various keys, e.g the thumbrest/octave key but general condition is very good. HW pad saver, Yani Strap and Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece and Yamaha Lig. £900

Yamaha YTS32 Tenor.

Older “purple logo model”. Yamaha Serial numbers are less easy to trace than Yanis, its possibly from the 80s. Some mottling of lacquer, but its mostly good – Yamaha lacquer is very hard wearing. I believe that the 32 (52 in the US) has the same body tube as the 62 but somewhat simpler key work. This was Yamaha’s intermediate model but they are regarded as “Pro standard” by some players, particularly it seems, the purple logo ones. Yamaha “brown” hard case, Yamaha 4C Mouthpiece (no lig unfortunately), pull through, Yamaha Strap, HW Padsaver. Rico vitaliser reed case, I’ll chuck in some Vandoren java reeds too. £700

Yanagisawa A900 Alto.

Circa 1994/5. The lacquer is a bit more scratched up and worn than the other 2 saxes, (but not that bad). It’s actually my favourite of the 3 instruments on sale to play – I’ll be genuinely sad to see it go. I think at the time, the 900 series was their top of the line instrument before they split into 901/992 etc . Comes with a hard plastic case (it’s a “Selmer Bundy” one, not original), Yamaha 5C Mouthpiece with Rovner lig, Neotech strap, pull through. HW Pad saver, Rico vitaliser reed case, bunch of Rico and Vandoren reeds. £700

Mouthpieces and Ligatures (all mouthpieces have been used with a patch):


SR Technology Legend, hard rubber, 0.78 tip opening, Rovner Lig, well used but plays well, £140
Rovner MK3 Lig and cover (to suit HR pieces) £10


SR Technology Legend, Metal, 0.108 tip opening, Rovner Lig, boxed and as new, £180


Otto Link Tone Edge 5, Hard Rubber, boxed and as new, £50
Yanagisawa Hard Rubber 7, used but good condition, £40
Yamaha Custom 6CM, Hard Rubber, used but good condition, £40
Rovner Dark Lig and cover, £10


Vibes Sax Partner Sax Mute for Alto £140.

A felt lined plastic case you can put your sax inside to reduce the volume while practicing. It has a metronome, a headphone out and a line in so you can play along to tracks. Or you can just use it acoustically.

More details can be found here:

Any questions please ask!

Thanks, John

John E

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Yani Alto here:



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Wokingham, UK
Hi John, I know this is an old thread, but did you sell the SR Technology Legend, alto mpc eventually?




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Hi Jonathan, not sure how much success you'll have with this.. Why don't you go to the 'Doorbell' and say hi, you never know you might find someone has an SR Tech for sale

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