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Has anyone ever used tubetoolbox?


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Hi Larry,

I don't know anything about tubetoolbox, but out of curiosity I've watched their promotional video, I seems a little strange, given the context of their video, that it's not a youtube video!

The idea behind the program sounds interesting and convincing enough that I'm sure it might be of benefit to some youtube users. Personally it goes against the grain, but then again I'm someone who hasn't embraced any social networking sites and would rather not have any public exposure!

I notice there is a free trial which might be worth investigating, but I find it odd that when you click on purchase there is no price displayed, instead you are asked to provide your YouTube user name.

Are you thinking of using this program to help achieve a greater audience for your videos? The reason I ask is that it occurs to me that there might be other alternatives to get your music to an audience.

Best wishes,



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Hi Larry,

I don't know what you want to achieve, if it's an increase in views and subscribers then that software might be the answer. But I recall in a post a while ago you said that you wish to be discovered.

Okay, by whom do you wish to be discovered?

YouTube is primarily concerned with providing a social networking of sorts with specific focus on a visual medium. With this in mind the youtube audience is primarily looking for a visual thing, it doesn't have to be spectacularly shot, but there is an expectation.

Crazydaisydoo does very well by covering all the bases required and setting the bar high:
  1. Wonderful playing
  2. Videos of the performance (often with variety)
  3. Solid audio recording and mixing
(It could be argued that if they were to be place in order of importance it would go 2,1,3)

People enjoy watching people performing, it makes it more personal which is another thing that youtube thrives on.

You have posted 158 videos, all but two (I think) lack the visual element of the performance or interesting creative 'music video' to provide the visual interest. Taking this into consideration if you are looking to be 'discovered' on youtube, I'd suggest you change the visual aspect of your package.

If you wish to concentrate on just the music, why not set up an account on one of the number of dedicated music sites that were set up to help people get discovered?

These are just my thoughts on the subject, I'm not a professional marketing person and the reality is that if you wish to be discovered one of the things you need to learn is how to market yourself and know where to do it.



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I don't know if this is anything to do with toolbox, but when I like a tune on you tube I bookmark it so I can go back to it easily, and then some time ago I noticed that when you click on some of the bookmarked tunes instead of going to the you tube page you are redirected to a pink format you tube site that doesn't seem to have any reference to the tune you were trying to get to.

As this site seems very like the one showed on the video for toolbox does this mean that the people that made the video have now gone to this toolbox thing and that is the only way you can access there vid.

Now I have never been able to access these vids since this has happened even if I type in the original name of the tune, do you now have to be a member of toolbox yourself to access these tunes, if so it's all very confusing to me.

I'm sure it's all very simple really but I can't work it out any suggestions anyone ...john
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