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Beginner Has anyone actually started learning the saxophone using the Universal Method?

Andante cantabile

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I now use Paul DeVille's Universal Method for Saxophone for at least an hour a day, but I used other material when I began to learn. The method dates back to about 1920. Mainly I do the exercises , (there are many of them, and they are very useful for classical music), and I use the duets as sight-reading exercises.

The book is, however, meant to be a complete instruction course. Today I looked at the earlier pages more carefully, and I began to wonder whether anyone actually uses this book from the word go?

I recall that a few weeks ago someone said he or she used Otto Langey's method. The two books seeme to be about the same vintage. So it is quite possible that DeVille's book is being used.


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Skabertawe, South Wales
Not me. I used the "Jazz Method for Saxophone" book by John O'Neill, and the ABRSM Jazz Saxophone Grades for Alto Sax (and Trumpet equivalents of both). Never heard of it before TBH.

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North of Liskeard, Cornwall,UK
I used the 'if in doubt, use the manual' method to learn the sax, the epiphany for me in those first few days was finally realising I had the mouthpiece upside-down so the reed was on the top!!! :w00t: -- if you ever want to make a terrible squealing noise as part of a dramatic song, this is the way to go! So for some considerable time I just battled on then got a teacher, which helped a lot. Six years down the line, I don't do too badly.

My advice? Get a teach, even if only for an hour a month and use the books as a reference source.



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