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Harlem Nocturne/Tequila

Richard Perks

Well-Known Member
Nanoose BC Canada
Haven't been on the forum for awhile, to much travelling.... anyway not sure if I put this on before.. It was a Happy Hour in El Centro California in January this year, we played from 4 - 7pm every Friday (great time) and it is just John on keyboard with all the bass, drum etc thats built in and myself. The Harlem Nocturne is a little bit from Illinois Jaquet version we also had to play more a dance tempo, I think. Wish I could play like him!!!!! Nocturne-Tequila.mp3
Great stuff!! gorgeous tone throughout and like the way your keyboard guy works the tunes- the vibes on tequila's a neat trick, give it an earl bostic sort of quality
Smashin ... :welldone

Really enjoyed that ... :thumb:

Thanks ans Congrats mate ... :clapping:

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