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Harlem Nocturne....nearly

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Seeing as I've got the cloud working again, and an afternoon to kill, I thought I'd have a bash at this old standard.

I've simplified the bits I can't play and complicated the bits I can. It's close but no cigar.:mrcool

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There's a couple of places where I lost the plot and managed to find my way. And there's a honkyness (as in goose not as in white man) when I come in after a break that needs working on but I got through with feeling and didn't drop it lol
I don't get why you are posting with apologies. It's more than a good effort with excellent feeling. If you want to worry about something I'd look at your vibrato which is a bit excessive. One can get away with this more easily on sop but it's not so nice on lower pitch instruments. Nothing wrong with your interpretations feeling, timing, etc. Play on...
Thank you Wade.

It's a strange phenomenum but I always feel that I could do better when listening to recordings of myself. Some times when listening to something old I can't believe it's me. It is slightly tongue in cheek. The banter in the local trad band I used to play with was aimed at disarming prima donnas. I remember a particularly moving rendition of misty by a guest Trumpet player being back announced by the Trombone player describing it as a passable attempt. I suppose it's the Humphrey Littleton school of humour. The vibrato is getting more pronounced as I get older. Probably indicates early onset Parkinsons.
It's such a cracking tune I don't think it needs anything adding. Just expressing.
I can't help but hear a Humphrey Bogart type commentary over black and white pictures of a rain soaked New York nightscape, whenever it's played.

Similar threads... or are they? Maybe not but they could be worth reading anyway 😀

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