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Harder than I thought


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Hello, and thanks for this site. I'm Brian from Indiana. I'm a guitar player and singer. But have decided to learn saxophone. It's more difficult than I thought. I'm finding I need to be able to read music and know most of the scales to improvise like I can on guitar. Totally different animal. This is the young man that inspired me to learn.
An original song I wrote and we performed live. I love to be able to play like him.


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Hi Brian, welcome to the forum and the sax!

As a late bloomer myself I can completely understand the shock initially when starting for the first time on the sax.

I briefly dabbled in bass guitar in my teens and then piano in my 20s and then picked up an alto September 2010 a total reed virgin.

Playing piano really helped, cos yeah, you gotta learn to read music and knowing scales through and through is fundamental especially if you aspire to improvise well.

Good luck! :D
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Hi Brian, and welcome.
I think it's harder than most people thought - but keep going. The guitar playing will help to some degree - at least you'll be familiar with rhythm and tunes and musicality and so on... so onwards and upwards! :D

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Welcome to the caff©, Brian.

Bet you're a wow on "Indianna", can't remember if it's Back home or Down home. Will you be the Forum reporter for May 31st, please?

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