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Happy Valentine Day


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A dozen red roses this morning from hubby, I think I've been forgiven for buying a new sax;}

Hope you all had a lovely day:)

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Colin the Bear

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Popped in my local spar this morning. The girl behind the counter said,

"I bet you had lots of cards this morning"

I didn't, but it made my day lol

Andrew Sanders

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Got a red rose from my butcher this morning. I asked if he'd got another 11 to make the set.
No luck.


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Strangest thing happened to me on Valentines Day. I was in my local underground station waiting for the tube to ferry me to band practise, when suddenly a gaggle of young girls invaded the platform all carrying red heart shaped balloons. They then headed in my direction and proceeded to form a circle about me and do what I can only describe as a ritual dance around and around me.

My tube arrived and I had to break the circle. The girls did not enter the tube but all waved and blew me kisses as the tube departed.

Other passengers were agog at the activity. I myself was utterley taken aback by this and quite amused that such attention be giving to a person of my advanced years.

On reflection perhaps it was brought about by the fact that I had visited the hairdresser earlier in the day and was sporting a rather daring `thug` cut. Or perhaps to liberal a dash of Joop after shaving.

Arry commented after relating the story to him `C`mon guv ther must a been P----d es noots.`

Petal his Mum hollered from the scullery `Harald wetch yer ham sandwich.`

Regds., a rather bewitched, bothered and bewildered N.


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I got my hair cut yesterday, too. I am now upset that a gaggle of totty didn't surround me. Perhaps the haircut isnt thuggish enough, or it just lends credence to the saying that one cannot make a silk purse from a sow's ear.
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