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Happy New Year

Happy New Year - thanks for sending the sun over here, we haven't seen it in a long while. Loved your recording, it reminded me of New Year's Eve spent as a child with my grandparents, we always watched Guy Lombardo. Best wishes!
Happy, happy everyone. Think I'll pull out the bari and continue to work that wicked hard part on "Mission to Moscow". Yes, we play it that fast. That and Gordon Goodwin's "Too Close for Comfort" have been kickin' my butt this holiday break. It will be interesting to see if anyone notices improvement at practice tomorrow.
Here's wishing all a healthy and prosperous new year. Those are some great charts Gandalfe. It must be fun to play in a big band that can play at that level. Did you know that you can play along with many of the Gordon Goodwin charts in Smart Music and even slow down the tempo for practice.
Book marked that for research later. Love getting new info; thanks JBTsax!
not really more the fact that this was in the Your sound clips........
OP was actually a sound clip for the new/old year.
Italians love debating old issues. Don't they?
(BTW, the 1946 referendum was valid)


John Talcott

We won't forget all your truly wonderful contributions. Your insight, skill, knowledge, support and humour made the Café a better place. Thank you jbtsax.

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