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PPT mouthpieces

Hanson SA8-24K-F

Linky Lee

Well-Known Member
Salisbury, UK
I'm selling my Hanson SA8-24K-F alto saxophone. Their top model alto.

It's 4 years old so still has 1 year on it's transferable warrenty left meaning if you want it serviced it'll on be the cost of posting it to Hanson.

It's in great condition, just a few bits of lacquer wear and tear through playing. It has a great rich tone and a superb low end. Projects really well.
It is in the frosted gold finish which looks amazing against the "standard" gold keywork etc.

I'm also including the original hard wooden case (which has a broken zip on the front pocket) The cardboard box for posting it in, a Yamaha 4C mouthpiece, a ligature and a couple reeds.

It's welcome to be test blown in Reading and I'll post at the buyers cost anywhere in Europe, though preferably UK or of course if you're near by you can collect.

You can pay by cash on collection, cheque or paypal I don't mind which.

I will e-mail you more detailed and photos if you PM asking for them as my pics are on a different computer at the moment.

I'm looking for £450 ono. with the usual 10% to Pete's charities of choice.

Collected from Mr Lee this evening after a brief blow. Won't have time to play properly now until Wednesday evening which is like giving a kid their Xmas present then taking it away again. Still. Something to look forward to as the week grinds slowly by. Stopped for a celebratory pint in The Hinds Head, Aldermaston. An old haunt of mine and a lovely pint of 'Pride. All in all, not a bad evening for a "school" night.
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