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Hello everyone,

I recently received a black Yamaha guitar, but I have been struggling to play it. I also got it with a copy of 'Let's play guitar today' published by Hal Leonard. I can't seem to be able to strum individual notes very well and resorted to chords, although not all the notes i the chord sound properly, and the result might be a buzzing, or when I try to play F major, the two highest strings seem to make a plucking noise? I was just wondering if any of you could help, I'm bound to be going wrong somewhere! :confused:

Thanks in advance,​
Hi Lewis
It's all about hand position. Forget about the shape your hands make when playing the sax. You need to have your thumb in the centre of the neck with you finger arching around the neck like a claw shape this will allow your finger tips to fret the strings without snagging the other strings.Try playing Cmajor rather than F major as you need to hold two strings down with one finger on F maj. It's only one string per finger on C maj. Keep your fretting fingers behind the fret but very close. It's a sod to learn this and it makes your hands hurt, but think about how cool you'll look changing from alto to guitar!
If you need anymore help in the future send me a PM.
Thanks Andrew!
That's helped so much, and I feel like I'm making progress. I think it was also a case of starting in the right place, so I have had a look at some simpler chords,
(A, C, D, E/Em, G)
And thanks for the offer, its good to know help is available, since I'm going to try to learn without a teacher.

Thanks again,
If you can't make time/space/money for a teacher, at least get a decent teach yourself book. Too many bad habits that'll be a pig to break, otherwise.
Go with C Am G Em D for now .. All in the same key so whatever order you put them together they will sound good...

Also I agree that you should at least get some instruction from someone that knows what they are doing to start you off.
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Do you strum with your fingers or with a guitar pick?

I think its best to take a lesson or 2 with a guitar teacher so he can show you the basic technique for strumming, or you can check out youtube there are many lessons for beginners

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