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Guitar book for sale


Not just any guitar book though!! This is "The Chinery Collection: 150 Years of American Guitars".

This is a limited edition No. 5151 out of 6000 and I still have the uncompleted owner registration form.

Please go to Amazon and put the complete title in search. You will see that there are two examples there......

My copy is in excellent condition - a bit of discolouration on the hard-case but the book itself is 100%.

My Price - £1000-00 with 10% to go to Pete's Charity
That's a helluva book at a helluva price. Why are you selling your porn? Did yer mam find it?

'fraid so lol.

I have looked through this book once since I bought it and it aroused covet-ess-ness of biblical proportions so I put it away in a darkened room where the temptation was hidden from mine sight.

Now it's worth a few bob I thought "happy days" lol.
I don't know if this forum is the place to offer it for sale Pauly. Isn't there an equivalent site for guitar freaks. I should know but I find most guitarists a pain in the fundament.
"..... but I find most guitarists a pain in the fundament. "

So do I Andrew, and this is advertised elsewhere. I will be advertising other stuff on here - e.g. a limited edition of "Lord of the Rings" and a rare, old copy of the collected works of Chaucer. I know these are not Sax related but people on here have other interests and I'd rather Pete's charity has the benefit over the Devils Junkyard or those rich buggers at Amazon...

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