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Guardala tenor mouthpiece mb2 wanted


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hello all,
new forum user here,
I'm looking for a Guardala tenor mouthpiece MBii, second hand or new or one of the wwbw copies or german copies if possible, (I play on a lawton 8*bb and lawton 7*bb special model, both great pieces), so if anyone out there has 1 for sale or knows where i can find please get back to me, also if anyone has tried a similar change in mouthpieces, i.e lawton to guardala, let me know how it was, i seen they both are similar in that they are approximatly 115 so hopefully the change will not be too different, tho i been on my lawton for over 20 years so who knows....
Hi i may have just what your looking for, i have a WWBW Guardala MB 11 that i had a local engineering firm cut rails in so i can use a Lawton lig, it plays perfectly but the bite plate has fallen out, if you want it you can have it for £185 + £5 postage without the lig though (but you will have one anyway).

As a comparison i also have a Lawton 7*BB and a Lawton 10B the Guardala is quite a bit brighter and a LOT louder than both, probably also a bit more free blowing as well.
thanks for the reply and mpc comparison, maybe too much if i got to get a bite plate made for it.
The easy thing to do is mix up a bit of epoxy resin and pour that in....very easy fix, i never did it as it never bothered me to be honest...
Heres a couple of pics....


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Never used it but it sounds a bit soft for a bite plate. What do they use for the original?
Which tastes better? Sergoo or Quiksteel?
Personally I'd use something like a WRAS approved epoxy, think you can get it at Maplins...once cured no taste... about £4...
just a note, thanks for the replies,
i now have bought a new Gaurdala MBii from wwbw, been on it a week now and i was a little deflated when i first tried it as the rovner light ligature that came with it was utter junk, slipping and not holding reed properly so i tried several new ligatures and found the "match made in mouthpiece heaven" in a rovner versa (Eddie Daniels) ligature and all i can say is wow!!! the mouthpiece is blowing like a dream, tone, control, altisimo, the full range is great, Brecker style tone but full body when needed, if anyone is thinking to get a MBii mouthpiece i STRONGLY recommend the versa ligature to use with it and throw away the useless excuse of a ligature that comes with it...
update, now switched to the francois louis ultimate ligature with the mouthpiece (guardala MB2), i thought the rovner versa was nice but this is unreal, a noticable improvment and more open sound, very direct sound and very free, so to those who say ligatures do not matter, well i think it really does. in my humble opinion ;-)
Yes those Guardala ligs really are dire! as you say absolutely useless.....not thought about having it machined to take the Lawton lig then?
And yes the lig does make a difference....the guy I'm playing with tonight uses a Francois Louis ultimate on his Lawton 8b, said it makes it play brighter...
I'm of the belief that it's the fit that matters. If the ligature makes a difference then the previous one didn't fit. I had to adapt one to fit my vintage piece. Nothing fitted right. Even the one that was made for it and came with it.
agreed Fraser, this louis lig is very bright, very free and Brecker heaven haha...
was thinking to get lawton rails cut into the guardala but to be honest i dont want to risk tonal changes so ligature hunting, for me, is the best and finding the louis ultimate gold (argos gold probably lol) is a revelation, maybe i was too stuck in my lawton set up til now, but i am sooooo glad i found my dream set up in m/pc and lig, oh, i am currently in Berlin, playing tonight, and got it from a sax tech shop here, negotiated a nice deal with some boxes of reeds also, nowt wrong with saving a few quid i say ;-)
I'm of the belief that it's the fit that matters. If the ligature makes a difference then the previous one didn't fit. I had to adapt one to fit my vintage piece. Nothing fitted right. Even the one that was made for it and came with it.
yes 100% agreed, taken me a few weeks but i have the perfect m/pc and lig combo, i even tried manipulating other ligs but was waste of time, so in my opinion if anyone is getting a brecker 2 then get a louis ultimate, unreal sound, power freedom etc etc...reeds using are rico jazz 2m...
p.s. i also played an original guardala mb2 handmade along side my new mb2
and there was zero noticable difference in sound, maybe handmade was slightly darker..real difference is only price!
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