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Guardala MB11 and JJ.DVNY


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Guardala MB11 very good condition for sale £200 5% of the PROCCESS to the cafe. It will also be listed on eBay later today starting bid £199 . Up for 10 days. Cafe member has first shout at this piece, but can cancel eBay listing within the 10 day period, if no bids. Expecting it to go for a bit more on eBay as these pieces don't come up very often. I also have a JJ.DVNY #8* has some gold plating wear, but obviously does not affect the performance. Also with an H lig. same deal as the MB. Pics to come later today.
PS. Anybody who kills small furry animals instead of going to Sainsburys need not apply.:mad:
PS. Anybody who kills small furry animals instead of going to Sainsburys need not apply.:mad:

One of the most challenging philosophical questions that David Carradine had to answer in Kung Fu (TV Series 1972-75) was:
" Is it better to kill what you eat, Grasshopper. Or get Mr Sainsbury to do it for you?"
A soldier will kill his enemy. Because his enemy is trying to kill him. As an ex-soldier, that I know and understand. Somebody who who would lie in wait in their garden to end the life of a small animal going about its business, for £1.50 worth of meat is a sadistic clown.
Can we keep this thread on track please. If you want to discuss hunting, open a new thread. No objections to you doing that, but it's likely to be contentious and end up getting moederated/closed.
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