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Griff's New Technique.

Linky Lee

Salisbury, UK
I've seen a preview of this concert and I have a few impressions I'd like to share.

First of all, I don't recommend the sax mute favored by the British Legion.
It seemed highly acceptable to wear and tear and apparently it's not covered under warranty when the rest of the sax section nibble away at it.

It does seem an effective mute though, as only the audience in the first few rows appeared to have large grins on their faces when the lead tenor started his honking rock sax solo with a pop. I think they must of gotten better sound-bytes than I.

Young Col

Well-Known Member
Coulsdon, London/Surrey
Now Bill, you're not thinking of going are you? We got in enough trouble last year. You'll be wanting to put flour down the tuba next. Hmmm, actually not a bad idea...
old git

old git

Tremendous Bore
Col, me old Zimmer Frame Retainer,

There will not be an inaudible organ concerto, unless they are specialising in Hammer-organ-playing-villain films and it's your turn to buy the drinks.

Perhaps Griff will be able to tell us if the Central will be augmented this time?
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