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My name is Larry. I picked the sax back up after a 35 year hiatus. I am a minister of the Gospel/Insurance Salesman and felt inspired to do so. Fortunately I found a mentor that had played in Los Vegas for years, and have made some strong strides in 5 years.

I have 5 saxophones:

1. Soprano (Keilwerth)
2. Alto (Vito)
3. Tenor (Conn "Shooting Star" "Mexiconn" but it plays well)
4. C Melody (Conn, 1923 -- You can hold a convention of C Melody Sax players in a phone booth)
5. Evette Schaeffer Bari Sax.

In the photo of me I am playing the Conn C Melody.

I major, however on the Tenor. I am still trying to break through on the improv thing. Am memorizing songs, practicing arpeggios, scales, and putting "fill" in what I play when I can figure it out, usually my intonation is +/- 2 cents, (i try to keep it as close as possible) I do ensemble work when it is available to me.

Played all through Grade School and High School. When I did my hitch in the U. S. Army, after Viet Nam @ 75th Ranger Regiment (Co. A 2nd Btn) Auditioned for and joined the 3rd Armored Div. Band.

I am always looking for ways to improve my playing. I put in 2-3 hours/day on practice. If any one has a suggestion to help, I am always eager for that. There is a guy I am trying to be like (good luck to me) Dennis Gwizdala (

Anyway greetings to all, Mr. Thomas has been a hero of mine for a while, and I am honored to be a part of this forum. Good Day!


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Hi Larry, that may have to be a large phone box/booth as there are a few C mel owners on here. Welcome to the Cafe

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Hi Larry

Welcome to the cafe. Short of recommending two to three hours of practice a day, I cannot offer much. I have found that persistence is much more important than anything else. Talent no doubt will in the end show through, but without persistence (i.e. long hours of practice) it remains part of the imagination.


welcome to the cafe larry all the best !
i too had a 35 year break !
i too also play a tenor shooting star "mexicon"
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