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Greetings Earthlings! I come in Peace!


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Hello! My name is Steve and I've been playing the saxophone since 1967 when I was a 14-year old schoolboy. I started on a simple-system high-pitch John Grey tenor with a wooden mouthpiece. My father bought it in a junk shop for £2-10s and had it brazed up in the shipyard where he worked. I re-made some of the pads that leaked (lots!) and, after experimenting with rubber bands, I used a "jubilee clip" as a ligature. It worked, after a fashion! My first "proper" sax was a pre-war Pennsylvania Special tenor for my sixteenth birthday (low pitch at last!). I've never had a lesson, but I've enjoyed more than 50 years of gigging and bandleading. My major vice is collecting saxes and clarinets, rather indiscriminately. My current no.1 tenor is a 1930-ish Pierret "Vibrator" which I've had for 25 years; back-up tenors are a 1928 Conn Chu, a 1949 Conn 10M, and a 1930's Lewin (Martin Handcraft stencil). Altos that I use occasionally include a 1920 Buescher Tru-tone, a 1936 Buescher Aristocrat 1, a 1930's Lewin (Martin), and several Pierrets. Soprano: Arbiter (a modern sax, but I like it). Baritone: 1933 Pan American. C-Melody: 1920 Conn straight neck, and an early '20's Buescher TT. As you can see from the above, I had problems long before Lockdown!


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Welcome to the Cafe. Quite an impressive collection of saxophones you have there! You will fit right in here.
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