Green stuff inside?


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I just got a used Yamaha yas 21 alto sax that I am learning how to play on. The previous owner obviously did not clean the inside because there was brown cracked stuff inside the neckpiece and some green stuff. I cleaned out all the brown stuff using a cloth with a vinegar water mixture. However the green stuff is still there. Anyone know what it is? Some is also on a pad. Will it affect the playability? Can I get it off the pad without replacing it?

Stephen Howard

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The green stuff is verdigris - a sort of corrosion that appears on brass (it's a little like rust on steel). It can be removed mechanically (scrubbing), or with a weak acid. If it's inside the crook the best thing to do is to soak the bore with vinegar or citric acid.

The green stuff on the pads is the same. It forms on the rims of the toneholes then collects on the pad. It tends to be greasier here, and can be removed with solvent.

Whilst it's harmless enough, its appearance generally points to a lack of care and maintenance and might suggest that the horn has other problems.
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