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Great TV Series


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Some amazing stuff. Must never forget that Ronnie Scott didn't just tell jokes.
Many thanks.
Some great videos there,great to see a young Tommy Whittle,saw him a few years ago playing at the Trumpet Jazz pub here in the West Midlands,great player.

Thanks for sharing

I'm sure viewers of the thread realised this but there is a total of 21 videos - each 30 minutes. So that takes care of this week!

Nice mix of American and European musicians and some real legends.

My only complaint is that you can't download them and they do hang sometimes - my slow broadband!
Although I'm younger, I recognise many of the local west-of-Scotland musicians in the bands (and in the audience.)
some of these guys & girls are still playing, some are now "gone from the scene"
I've had the honour to work with many them over the years.
Thanks Andy - I know that Glasgow and west of Scotland is a hot bed of good music - and has been for many years. In one of George Melly's books he comments on this and suggests that it's because "folk" music is still played in Scotland. My youngest son works in a hotel in Inveraray and is into a fantastic music scene there.

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