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Great Olympics..Great Britain


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Just like to say well done to Olympic organisers for a great games,and well done to team GB medal winners and those who didnt get a medal,they all did us proud.The atmosphere being in the arenas must have been fantastic,well done to all the spectators:welldone:welldone.Now we have the over paid,overrated,arrogant premier footballers to make headlines in the papers,bet they be the wrong headlines:(.Bumnote

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Yes funny how Bradley Wiggins made history by being the first Brit to win the Tour de France...then a week or so later wins gold at the Olympics.....then completely vanishes altogether! never to be heard of since...unlike our football players who to be fair are just downright that England geezer feels a bit silly at not including Beckham in the team? and after all the good work he did in our bid for the Olympics! i just don't get it.....


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Well done to everything Olympic!
I have to be honest, I didn't believe that we could do it. I thought the organisation would be awful, with trades not being able to deliver on time and corners being cut all along the way. But I have to admit that I was wrong! I have sat through event after event and I don't mind admitting that I've shed more than a few tears too! :crying:
So I say again, well done to everyone who took part in the British Olympics. You have done our country proud. :welldone:welldone:welldone

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Must admit that I was terrified when George Michael appeared early on as with his strange "social" habits, the obvious concluding act was Gary Glitter. Possibly why Brenda sent a Prince as a substitute.

Well done all, even Boris's hair was not a wild comb over and Team GB won the Competitor's Accident Gold with Liam's broken ankle.

Must say that 1948 was better or you wouldn't believe it was og but particular thanks to the caff's© own volunteer, hope you enjoyed it as much as I did..


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Big well done from me to the teams and especially the organisers. To get something this big going ha smoothly as a one off is a huge acievement! Now for the paras and our Mandy!


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Yes indeed, a big congrats to all involved. It was a great olympics and one to remember. Watched many events and enjoyed them all. Well done to everyone who took part. The closing ceremony was something to behold .... plenty of artists past and present that I really enjoy, but I especially liked Eric Idle...... Always look on the bright side of life :):) Made me smile. Of course Gary Barlow made me cry. So poignant. Well done to him. All in all, something to be proud of. Well done all!


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Team GB won the Competitor's Accident Gold with Liam's broken ankle.

I think the American chap running the in the 4x400 metre relay must have come in as a contender, when his femur snapped as he was running.

Having attended 4 events, I can honestly say the crowds were fantastic. We cheered for everyone regardless of nationality. OK so we we cheered even more for the home team :))) :welldone


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[FONT=lucida grande, tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]542 athletes, countless volunteers, our amazing police and wonderful armed forces have lifted an entire nation. So happy and very proud to be British. Best Olympics ever. Privileged to have witnessed it. It exceeded my expectations by far. Already saving up for Rio :)[/FONT]


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Must admit that I was terrified when George Michael appeared early on as with his strange "social" habits, the obvious concluding act was Gary Glitter.

Mmmm. Not sure I see the link between an overtly gay man and nasty paedophile, but let's not go there.....

I wonder if all the musicians who complained about not being paid (and with whom I feel a lot of sympathy, I must admit) were silenced by the army of volunteers without whom the show would have been a complete non-starter? I had no idea of the scale of the volunteer contribution to the event and must admit that on reflection, maybe grumbling about poor, hard-done-by musos being expected to play for nowt was a bit churlish under the circumstances....


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I think Britain did a superb job on the Games from what I saw

I dont see the relevance of an individuals social habits.


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I hated the games >:) it's made me put at least 1/2 stone on :crying: i'm just going for a walk with my Holly
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