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I just wanted to put a shout out for Phil Engleman (Phil Tone), who recently moved to live in Europe from the US. I am a fan of his own line of mouthpieces but have not had a mouthpiece refaced by him before. I recently sent him a soprano piece with a poor facing and his communication and service were extremely good. He was quick to respond to my questions and turned the mouthpiece around in double quick time. Most importantly the quality of the work was excellent. The improvement in the rails and tip was obvious even to my untrained eye and the piece, which was originally quite resistant, is now really responsive. It feels like the potential of the piece has been unlocked. The difference in the piece is night and day.
I would wholeheartedly recommend him for any refacing work - I will certainly use him again.


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Thank you kindly Tony, Its always a pleasure. That piece put me through my paces but its always good to have occasional challenges to keep me on my toes. I think it ended up to be a very nice piece.

Sop pieces are very finicky. That piece was messed up all over the place but even slight issues with a sop pieces creates glaring issues...more so than tenor and alto.
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