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Great moment as a parent


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My eldest, who's nine, has been learning to play the guitar for a few months. She's quite a shy kid, and I've been encouraging her, as I think it helps a lot with self-confidence to be able to play a musical instrument. She's been getting on pretty well, and yesterday for the first time we played along together. Just simple tunes from her school music book, but it was really nice. We both really enjoyed it.


It's great when your children share your enthusiasm for music. My eldest, who we started playing violin when he was four, and is now working as an electronics engineer, has just (post engineering degree) gone back to playing in the local community orchestra. It's nice to get that "we did something right" feeling.


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It's a great feeling ...

And special moments like that with our children don't come in thick n fast ...

Start saving up Jon [it gets more expensive as they grow - ;}] and keep up the encouragement ... :welldone


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my middle child has just started clarinet lessons... I'm hoping we might get to play together.

My moments of parental pride are currently c/o my oldest - this weekend she was placed 10th in the UK Masters (archery). After a weekend spent sitting in a field through sunburn, and rain, I'm pretty chuffed with her.

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I remember when our youngest son's band played their first gig in a local pub renowned for it's music, he was 15 at the time. A moment I'll never forget. I was far more nervous for him than I ever remember being when I first played live. He was cool though and it couldn't have gone better for them.

(He did stop playing at one time when he was younger, to my dismay but we didn't put any pressure on him and he started playing again when the time was right for him, time to impress the ladies me thinks!! :))) )

These are the things in life that have real value. Playing together is great and is a connection both my wife and I cherish, she sings and our youngest daughter is a drummer.


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Treasure it, Jon and look forward to the time when the family "F" feature in a remake of "The Sound of Music".

One slight drawback, will you be able to keep up with the kids? ;}
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