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Here's something you might want to explore in this time of isolation, if you live in a place that is enforcing it. Frankly, I'm glad I do. It will make a difference.
(Note: In France, you need to fill out and print a form (or copy the text freehand) that states your purpose in going out, time and date. We're limited to a one km radius and one hour.)

Just for grins, I downloaded and installed Wotja, an "ambient music generator". If you practice with drones, you'll love this. It works on iOS | macOS | Windows | Android | tvOS | watchOS. So, having no idea what to expect, I set up to record practice this morning. I haven't figured out if there's a way to tell it what key to compose in. It's not just drones, there are all kinds bells, whistles and pianos.

I recorded this with a free open source program called Open Broadcast System (Win/Mac/Linux). OBS will do YouTube Live streaming but it also records any video and audio sources you have. I use G-Force to generate the visuals because who'd want to watch an old beginner learn to play.


Hey @Wade Cornell, this may make you smile. It's not your uncle's "Play along with Standards".
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