Grassi Wonderful Model


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the Netherlands
I did post this one on the old forum I hope there are some folks who can value this

for sale a Grassi Wonderful model alto

This is a very special model of a Grassi, unlike the Jade Rollers series, this a closer " copy" of a Mark Vi (with a different octave mechanism all the same but with the balanced action rods). The body is lacquered brass and the keys are silver-plated (hence some tarnish on the keys).

The rectangular mother of pearl touches are very distinctive and should appeal the collector. It plays but has original pads , so maybe the horn could use a re-pad , unless one wants to use it this way (it is playable). If one decides for a re-pad , one could give a jolly good clean to all the tarnished keys though

I think this horn has some value both for the player as for the collector

I am willing to sell it for 450€ (50€ of which go for charity to Pete!) + shipping charges (or one can decide to hop on a plane and come to pick it up in Amsterdam and spend the day or the week end over here, the flight won't cost you much more than the shipping nowadays!) the advantages in term of safety of shipping are immense


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