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PPT mouthpieces

Grassi Tenor and Soprano +/-1976


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the Netherlands
I have a Grassi Tenor and a Grassi soprano
the tenor is a horn with the Balance action mechanics which is more advanced than the " Jade Rollers" model , this one has original pads and it plays but an overhaul would be advisable. It has orignal case, mouthpiece and strap.

550 Euro including shipping to the UK , 25€ to Pete and paypal fees

The soprano is a simple instrument reaching to Eb, it has original pads in need of changing and an overhaul would be necessary also to remove some small dents in the bell area (not particularly visible).

275€ including shipping, paypal and 15€ to Pete

No case.

these are the links to imageshack, I am also including the thumbnails which are direct links , click on them a couple of times to expand fully
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alright, price drop on the soprano!
175 Euro including shipping paypal and 10 euro to Pete, I really thought there would be more interest on this!
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