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Grassi Jade roller 'La Marque' series alto

Chris Sax

Any interest in my Jade series Grassi alto?
It's got a problem with the very tip of the octave mechanism which has snapped off. Would require some soldering to mend), Other than that it in decent shape. The tip of it which lifts the octave mech is here as well.
Pads are all green in colour (not dirt! lol) and in ok state. Jade green rollers and has the words "La Marque" engraved right above the normal Ida Maria Grassi logo, diffrent from most that l have seen.
Not quite a MK6 copy, but a dead ringer for a Selmer from 10 paces.

Really not sure how to value this one? So taking cash offers or trades on mouthpieces etc. Will make a donation to the charity as well if shifted here, if not off to the fleabay it goes.

Cheers! :thumb:

IMG00225-20110824-1855.jpg IMG00227-20110824-1855.jpg IMG00231-20110824-1857.jpg IMG00229-20110824-1856.jpg IMG00228-20110824-1856.jpg IMG00226-20110824-1855.jpg

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